Welcome to 9thirtyfour!

Welcome to 9thirtyfour!

9thirtyfour, a place to waste as much time as humanly possible. All while hopefully getting a tad informed and greatly amused along the way. I also hope it makes you a better person somehow, because I’m an idealist AND extremely humble. I’m probably the most humble person on earth.

One thing we’d like to do differently around here is provide a platform for others to distribute their own submission on the site. Whatever topics you’d like to explore is completely up to you. The weirder the better, frankly. We’ll be mostly a place for politics, sports, humor and general commentary on that which is newsworthy. In the upcoming months, we’ll also be adding a LOT more video content and long-form podcast content.

I’ll mostly be in the Politics area, so come on by and tell me how right I am about everything. Also follow us on Twitter for updates on new article releases. Sit Back and Enjoy The Show that is 9thirtyfour!

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