And Then There Were Three (for now)

And Then There Were Three (for now)

Mike Bloomberg aka “Mini Mike” aka “Wizard King of Legacy Ruining” officially dropped out of the presidential race. Wednesday after spending over $500 million to inadvertently debase himself for four months. I, for one (hundred thousand), will be sad to see him go.

We watched a man so woefully clueless to his own public perception spend so recklessly. Only to reinforce how dislikable he is was just surreal. He got pantsed on live television by a woman who has never had an original thought in her life, it’s time for him to reevaluate his priorities.

There is no way to properly eulogize something that had so little effect on so many, but a few on twitter summed it up quite succinctly-

(Link to Babylon Bee article, here:

Bloomberg exited after winning only American Samoa, a place that’s probably made up, but I’m not gonna fact check that. The palpable excitement his campaign generated can be summed up in this video-

Straight to Gitmo

And then there were three. The Dems are left with a disastrous trio. Joe Biden (old, potentially senile), Bernie Sanders (old, potentially insane) and Elizabeth Warren (old, lied about her race, says “lets be clear” like it’s her last name). With Warren expected to drop out in the near future. After all, she only received 47 delegates compared to the 400+ of Bernie and the 500+ of Biden, the two man race is on, with Biden more than likely taking the nomination.

Biden, Bernie and Warren (somehow) represent the best of what the DNC has to offer, which I’m certain most Dems are none too happy about. The DNC are acting as if they won the last election considering their odd adherence to the exact same strategy as 2016. That strategy consisted of helping elect the most off-putting candidate possible, then blaming external “interference” rather than internal incompetence. Rinse and repeat.

Bernie Burnt Again

I’m reticent to say that the DNC “screwed” Bernie again, considering the fact that he’s not actually a Democrat. But what is clear is that the DNC is drawing a clear line in the sand. They, too, prefer to not elect an avowed marxist/communist to represent their party in the general election. And for that, we can be somewhat grateful, even if it IS just a cynical ploy to increase the likelihood of winning an election rather than some principled stand. It’s the little things sometimes.

Then there were three.

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