And Then There Were Two

And Then There Were Two

Elizabeth Warren officially dropped out of the presidential race Thursday, thanking supporters and gracefully championing the democratic process. Just kidding, she blamed sexism.


Warren’s meandering rollercoaster of a campaign comes to a close just a few short months after front running the democratic field. The mainstream media had clearly tapped her as their preferred candidate, something which may have doomed her considering their historically low favorability percentage (trust in news media hit a historic low of 32% in 2017). Further hamstringing Warren were the early exits of Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar, and their immediate endorsements of Joe Biden for president.

Another issue (that many don’t bring up enough, in my opinion) is that Elizabeth Warren just wasn’t terribly likable. He breathless intonations and over-rehearsed talking points made her seem incredibly robotic and predictable, two traits that (as we’ve seen over the past four years) don’t translate well in contemporary politics. People crave authenticity, and what they got in Elizabeth Warren was Hillary Clinton 2.0.

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