The 2 Best True Crime Channels on Youtube

The 2 Best True Crime Channels on Youtube

After binge watching true crime shows such as Mindhunter and The People vs OJ Simpson, I have developed a borderline obsession with true crime history. While the shows themselves are fascinating enough, there are a few incredibly well researched and engaging channels that produce incredibly in-depth background on the cases, including detailed interrogation analysis (my personal favorite).

Below are the two channels that have consistently eaten up the bulk of my free time.

That Chapter

That Chapter is run by host Mike Oh and consists of tons of either missing person or murder cases. He details the background and timeline and includes interrogation videos along with local news media reporting at the time. Each video is roughly 20 minutes, so it’s paced well and never tends to drag

JCS-Criminal Psychology

JCS is run by “Jim” who never shows his face, but gives incredibly detailed interrogation analysis and is some of the most fascinating content out there. His three part series on the Chris Watts interrogation is especially riveting.

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