The Coronavirus to Own Trump

The Coronavirus to Own Trump

According to the CDC, 49 million people got the flu this season with 20,000 – 50,000 people dying as a result. Where was the national emergency; where was the canceling of events; and where was the wall to wall media coverage? Not a peep, a post, a cry was heard but suddenly when the CoronaVirus hit the media you would think War of The Worlds was happening.

Yes, the Coronavirus is slightly more severe, very slightly, than the flu but not by much. As with the flu if you do not have an already compromised immune system the chances of dying from this are slim to none. How slim exactly? Those who actually get sick 0.5% for people under 50, those over 70 have an 8% chance of death. In all actuality, 80% of those affected will only have mild symptoms of a runny nose and mild cough.

So why the mass hysteria?

The media has been begging for a recession. They know that an incumbent president with a strong economy will more than likely get re-elected. By causing total hysteria and as a result, events like SXSW will get canceled and business owners will lose millions. They will then spin the story so that it looks like Trump did not have a ready enough response and the dip in the economy will be the fault of Trump.

What was Trump’s response to the Coronavirus?

An emergency fund of $8.3 billion to help “fight” the Coronavirus “pandemic.” What exactly is that money going towards? When hurricane Harvey hit Texas less than that was initially offered to help the hundreds of thousands left without a home. How was that enough money to help them but a virus that is slightly worse than the flu somehow needs more? It is a total waste of taxpayer funds. The government is not paying for a new vaccine. Multiple billionaires have “donated” to fund a vaccine and we are not the only country working towards a vaccine.

What damage can a little dip in the economy really do to America?

For every 1% unemployment goes up; 40,000 people die, hundreds of thousands become homeless, and millions go without food. This is what the media is wanting, more so aching to achieve, all to get Trump out of office. I am not a Trump supporter and have been critical of the man many times. I never have and never will put the safety and security of other people in jeopardy all so I can feel good about my political opinions.

Remember this Gem from The Big Short?
Here is the link to the study where with stat comes from, just click here!

All in all the media is causing mass hysteria, the government is wasting billions of dollars, and dumb consumers are stock pilling up on toilet paper all to ‘own Trump.’ Just wash your damn hands people.

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