Joe Biden Threatens Voter At Detroit Campaign Stop

Joe Biden Threatens Voter At Detroit Campaign Stop

Earlier today, Joe Biden made a campaign stop at the Fiat-Chrysler auto plant and got into a heated and profanity laced argument with a worker concerned about his second amendment rights under a Biden presidency. Biden reacted to the worker with his increasingly common cantankerousness and general confusion.


In the almost two minute long video, the worker accuses the front runner for Dem presidential nomination of trying to take away his second amendment rights, to which Biden responded “you’re full of shit.” That exchange gradually inflamed Biden to the point where he was aggressively shoving his finger into the worker’s face. At the 00:47 mark, the worker waved off Biden’s confrontational (and condescending) finger wagging stating “this is not okay” (the “this” being Biden’s hand in his face). That exchange prompted Biden to step closer to the man, loudly ‘shush’ his female aide beside him trying to break up the confrontation, and state “hey, don’t say that to me unless you wanna go outside, pal.”

Biden went on to then ramble about “AR-14’s,” which don’t exist and “machine guns,” which are already illegal. After a few seconds of the both of them talking over each other, Biden was scurried off by his handlers.

Slow, then rapid unraveling

Biden’s cognitive abilities have been in question for the better part of a year, but his rapid decline over the past few months is both remarkable and sad. What used to be a gaffe riddled campaign resembling one your boozy, yet well meaning crude uncle might run has devolved into an almost Weekend at Bernie’s style farce, yet without the hijinks that distract us from the utter morbidity of the premise. The weird “Corn pop” story seems even quaint now when compared to not being able to remember Barack Obama’s name; or even his own.

Imagining the DNC truly believing that Joe Biden is the answer to Trump is a bridge to far for most. Propping up a man in such obvious decline should concern every democrat, and not so much because they care about the politician, but because the DNC is tacitly admitting to their constituents who’s in charge. I don’t think even they believe that Biden, should he win, would make it to a second term. As such, the conservative roomer mill is predicting that Joe Biden’s running mate will be the one and only-

‘Memba me?

If Clinton becomes Biden’s running mate, we’ll be firing up that suicide clock. I mean, not that I’m suggesting anything will happen. But, you know, I kinda am. Because history. Sweet, infamous history. Exciting times ahead. And by “exciting,” I mean “same ol’ same ol’.”

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