Tulsi: The Odd Woman Out

Tulsi: The Odd Woman Out

The big 5 players in the Democratic Primaries were Bernie, Biden, Warren, Mayor Pete, and Tulsi. Yeah, I know Tulsi isn’t technically one of the big players. Really not even technically, she completely isn’t but this is no fault of her own. Her ideas while some view as extreme are not too far off from those of Biden and Bernie. So why is she treated like the redheaded stepchild by the media? To fully understand the treatment of Tulsi by both the DNC establishment and the media, we need to understand the support of the four amigos.


He is kid who’s parents always brag about to other parents even though he was never the brightest crayon in the box. Consistency has never been a strong suit possibly less so than his constant gaffs. Even with all his faults, he is the darling of the DNC. Purely due to his undying and never-ending loyalty to the establishment.


The populist candidate, not supported by the DNC but supported by the people. This is also not his first time at the rodeo. Thus has become a household name, more so than in 2016. This allows for his base to grow and while the DNC is not in full approval of his stances they are more accepting than in previous years. That being said they did not enter this arena without plan ‘B.’


The plan ‘B.’ Warren is the golden ticket that splits Bernie supporters and while many call her “Hillary 2.0,” she is still an establishment shill. Her entire job was to weaken Bernie’s support base and she did so miraculously. The infighting on twitter between Bernie and Warren supporters has been popcorn worthy. People are not reasonable when it comes to anything, let alone politics. They are tribal by nature. Once they view Bernie not as their option 2 but instead as their rival, they will not switch back. As so she has done her job and lived up to the task at hand: fracture Bernie.

Mayor Pete

The trial run kid. With the DNC watching tacitly, they realized Pete’s full potential and pulled him. They fully know that Trump winning the election is not less than a sure thing and Pete running and probably losing against Trump is not a strong look. Over the next four years, he will stay relevant in the media. His name will become synonymous as the “rational voice against Trump.”


A likable firm but fair candidate who much like Bernie grew her base from the grassroots. Her platform is not too distant from the rest, so why single her out from the rest? War. The media and the DNC establishment need war to survive. The media finds itself with blood ridden articles, even when they have to make up the narrative. The DNC is just as beholden to big oil as the RNC but unlike the RNC, they hide it. We control the world’s oil, there is a reason we are on the oil standard for the USD. We also need war in order to accomplish such goals. War makes the world go ’round and unlike Medicare for All, the president has power over if we send troops to countries. That is not a power anyone pulling the puppet strings will allow someone like Tulsi to clutch.

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