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Flemlo Raps: Best Football News YouTube Channel

If you’re a football aficionado, you probably take plenty of deep youtube dives in order to satiate your appetite. There are a few decent channels here and there, but none are as heavily researched, relatable, and entertaining as Flemlo Raps.

I first came across his channel a couple of years ago when he was almost exclusively posting “Where are They Now” videos for obscure players or one-season wonders. He’s since increased his production and is covers both the XFL and the Netflix docudrama Last Chance U in extreme detail that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere on the internet. Dude has hundreds of hours of content, but here are a few good ones from Flemlo Raps to get started.

This made me laugh. https://9thirtyfour.com/index.php/2020/03/11/air-bud-redubbed/


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