The Bright Side Of Coronavirus

The Bright Side Of Coronavirus

So the world is in mass hysteria about the Coronavirus. I am still under the belief that this is a big fat nothing burger and in a few weeks, everything will be back to normal. We should look at the positives, or more, how the impact of the virus could have been so much worse.

The economy is being ripped to shreds by the virus, but think about if the virus sparked just one or two months earlier. Coronavirus was first detected on December 19, 2019. The US media ignored the virus for all of December and the vast majority of January. Most businesses rely on the holiday rush to float them for the rest of the year. It is also not vacation season yet so really if we have to go through a pandemic, this really is the best time of the year for it to happen.

So other than the timing of this what are some of the things we benefit from this pandemic?

Flights Are Cheep!

Knowing that I will be taking a trip to Los Angeles in June I decided to look at the prices. To my shock, the prices for a flight three months from now were down by $112. a point where all this will more than likely be behind us, were down by $112. Score for me!

Work Smarter!

Many workplaces have spent the better half of the last five years fighting against employees working from home. While this more efficient way of working has been adopted by some, many are now forcing employees to do just that. This will not only improve the happiness of many it will also decrease future flu season numbers. I never understood the need for companies to force their employees to sit in a room that is essentially an incubator for disease.

People are ACTUALLY washing their hands!

When the Ebola outbreak happened in Africa Cholera cases decreased by nearly 20,000 between 2014 and 2015. Why did this happen? People started washing their hands. I can’t count how many times I’ve been in a public bathroom and heard as some nasty person walked out of the bathroom without washing their hands.

What else?

Nothing else is positive about the mass hysteria over the coronavirus. The stock market is unstable, people are losing wages and paid gigs, sporting events are canceled. This sucks and I hate it because all signs point to this being completely unnecessary.

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