An Extrovert’s Guide To A Quarantine, As Told By An Introvert

An Extrovert’s Guide To A Quarantine, As Told By An Introvert

I’m not an introvert by nature, I am however incredibly lazy and an introvert by habit. Since 2008 I have worked and rarely find myself with people who I am not paying to interact with me. Through the years I have found beautiful and glorious ways to avoid people at all costs. So here is a step by step guide on how to be a hermit.


You are going to need food but all the stores have barren shelves so what do you do now? Welcome to the 21st century where basically everything is readily available and shipped to your door via the internet. I’m not just talking about Amazon. Both Walmart and Thrive Market will deliver fresh food to your door, with next day delivery.

Toilet Paper & Other Essentials

Everyone is out of toilet paper, for what reason I still can’t figure out, but I digress. As suggested by @Sara_James2 on Twitter, just get a bidet. Ranging from $30 – $300 Amazon has your back(side). If that is too adventurous for you, just buy some wet wipes and toilet paper from Amazon.

Most Important: Liquor

I introduce you to Drizly the greatest thing to exist since speakeasies stood up against prohibition. Drizly will deliver liquor, get this, directly to your door in 20 mins. MiniBar is another app that allows you to order and have liquor delivered to your door. Other apps you can use are the usual Door Dash, Postmates, and the likes.

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