Murders, Rapists, and Thieves, Oh My! The Progressives Wants To Release Them All

Murders, Rapists, and Thieves, Oh My!  The Progressives Wants To Release Them All

Apparently, everyone has lost their minds with the Coronavirus. Not only are people hoarding toilet paper, bleach, and other oddities. But now there is a movement to free all imprisoned inmates. Twitter user @hermit_hwarang tweeted out:

While I believe that nobody should be in jail for victimless crimes, I don’t believe that we should open up all jails and let the worst of the worst out. I can’t even fathom the backlash when Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, or any other high profile prisoner gets released.

None of this makes sense. Prisons are the best place to social distance people, so releasing them helps nobody and hurts the general population. Looking into why Iran released their prisoners, primarily political prisoners, it slightly makes sense for their country. Unlike the United States, they didn’t provide their prisoners with even soap to wash their hands let alone any medical care. The virus was sweeping through prisons like wildfire. Granted they then released thousands of sick people on the general population in an already ravaged populous. Some estimates have the death toll in Iran at 5,000.

So do the progressives actually want all prisoners released for the benefit of the prisoners? No, I don’t believe that for a second. They are using this crisis to promote their agenda. I do not understand how they think they will win over the minds and hearts of people by promoting such an insane idea. I wish Chosun Chillbo was a troll, but she isn’t. This is her belief, this is her stance, this is the progressives.

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