Corporate Press Revels In Americans Struggling

Corporate Press Revels In Americans Struggling

So many have conflated the idea of the Stock Market is just a bunch of Armani suit-wearing Bently driving sleazeballs. The stock market, now more than ever with apps like Robinhood, Acorns, and other trading apps is nothing more than every day Americans. So when the press decides to play games intent on hurting the market. They grin at “Trump’s” market gains all being lost and gleefully report on the mess we are currently living through it is difficult not to get angry.

The keyboard warriors believe they are morally above middle America as they spit on their struggles. They view themselves as the arbiters of truth and integrity yet they have neither. They mock the coal miners, the truckers, the everyday warehouse workers telling them to “learn to code.” Their elite attitude towards those who work so they can sip their lattes from their comfy overprices midtown condos doesn’t go unnoticed.

The trust in the press has hit an all-time low. 64% of Americans view the press in an unfavorable light according to a Gallop poll. It isn’t unclear as to why. They hate America and the dream America represents. They want everyone to be as miserable as they are, be devoid of happiness and fester in their loneliness. The more we ignore their venom the more their hatred grows. There is nothing we can do about them except live our lives to the best of our ability. When they go low, we go high because after all success is the best revenge.

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