The NCAA Denies Aiding Hungry Children

The NCAA Denies Aiding Hungry Children

The NCAA, a disgusting organization in my humble opinion, just proved me right yet again. Trevor Lawrence and his girlfriend Marissa Mowry, an NCAA Soccer player, raised $2,670 for Coronavirus victims. Funds were to be donated to Meals on Wheels and No Kid Hungry but the old bittys at the NCAA decided this was a horrible idea.

According to the NCAA rules, “An athlete may participate in non-sports related crowdfunding provided that there is ‘no relationship to nor mention of athletics.'” So one of the most beloved college football players with national recognition is unable to use the fame and notoriety to help feed children. Treating college athletes who help fund the NCAA’s BILLION DOLLAR slush fund like caged animals.

The treatment of college athletes by the NCAA is absolutely disgusting. One would think raising funds to help others would be great PR not just for the athlete but also for the organization as a whole. Yet the scrooges in their overpaid luxury suits can’t help but let their Grinch chilled hearts be tamed amid the crisis to help get some food into some hungry children’s mouths.

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